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Seattle tennis lessons, classes and services


Private Lessons: If you are looking for one on one attention for yourself or your child, private lessons are the way to go. We can work on footwork skills and stroke technique (forehand, backhand, volley and serve) with tennis drills and movement practice. Private lessons are available at $60 for an 1¼ hrs. It can be scheduled at a time and tennis court convenient to both parties.

Semi-private Lessons: Semi-private lessons (2 or 3 people) are the way to go for cost saving and friends and families to work on their game together. These sessions are fast paced to give everyone a good workout. Players and former players looking to sharpen their tennis skills with a budget in mind will like this format. Semi-private lessons are available at $60 for a 1¼ hrs. It can be scheduled at a time and tennis court convenient to all parties.

Fitness training lessons for Tennis: Tennis is a unique sport where an altogether different approach to the fitness is required. Tennis needs short and explosive bursts of speed, agility and direction changes over possibly 3 sets or 2 hrs of intense ball hitting which requires a lot of stamina. So there are a lot of areas to cover in just the fitness aspect of tennis.

Before the early 80's, there was not much emphasis placed on fitness in tennis. But thanks to players like Martina Navratilova, Ivan Lendl and many more fitness really has come into the limelight. But the key lies in being able to tailor-make the drills and exercises specifically for tennis. That's why tennis players spend more time in the gym and work on their fitness level.

Beginning/Intermediate Tennis Classes

Beginners Class: Basics are the main key to a solid foundation. Whatever age the player is, it is important to start the right way. It’s equally important for any age to enjoy the sport, so fun and basics will be the theme. Practice patterns will be easy and fun and you’ll feel like a tennis player right away!

Intermediate Class: This class is meant for players who have learnt the basics but are yet to hone their rallying and consistency skills. Many new strokes will be added to their arsenal in this clinic like approach shots, serve returns and net game to get them to the next level. The importance of consistency, length, direction, spin and power will be stressed upon in this class using tennis drills that will improve your game right away and let you have fun while doing it!

The emphasis for any group is for them to play injury-free tennis and enjoy the sport over a long time, so fluency and easy techniques will be taught. Learning how to practice tennis so you can improve is emphasized. Doubles is a very effective way to keep fit and makes a few hours on the court fun and enjoyable. So you will play some doubles in these classes.